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to hint an attack is in the pipeline. the simple answer is america cannot and will not win. he writes the tables have turned and there's no rolling back of the worldwide jihad movement. when this new front starts in yemen, it might become the single most important front of jihad in the world he was the so-called spiritual adviser to the alleged shooter hassan and we know his website and blog were being monitored by u.s. intelligence late in 2008 and into 2009, shep. >> then there was the information from this suspect's father. >> well, correct. a month later in november abdulmutallab's father went to the u.s. embassy in nigeria after a phone call from his son in which he said abdulmutallab said it would be his last conversation. he did not mention he wawas getting on a plane in the near future. he met with a c.i.a. officers. it reads in part: now, sources familiar with the meeting in nigeria say at no time did the father suggest his son might become a suicide bomber, but as you can see, there was pieces of information floating around the intelligence community late last year. >> kathe
. [ applause ] the true engines of job creation here in america are america's business. >> with one in ten americans out of a job and millions struggling to make end meet it's clear folks want results. wendell is traveling with the president in tampa. wendell, hello? >> administration officials call the $8 billion seed money for a nationwide investment in high-speed rails. it will eventually launch 13 project, including one that will link the bedroom communities in tampa with the theme parks in orlando, also link los angeles and anaheim, chicago and st. louis and improve amtrak's northeast corridor joining washington, new york and boston. it won't produce jobs fast enough for the president's critics or produce a lot of jobs this year. the president has picked up in tampa where he left off in his state of the union address last night promising to fight for working class americans and added a scolding to the media for picking up on his populous tone. he brought vice president biden so showcase the commitment to rail riding. i made 7900 trips from his home in delaware to washington when a sen
. >> shepard: fox news is america's election headquarters. democrat martha coakley and republican scott brown are battling with the senate seat vacated upon the death of senator ted kennedy. polls indicate in the -- coakley had the lead for months but it's up in the air with the republican in the lead. folks in the bay state have been hitting the ballot boxes and turnout has been extraordinary according to locals. this is no ordinary senate seat a win by republican brown means democrats would lose the 60-seat so called super majority. the senate race, one of many across the country. and quite a few considered a to sayup. the blue shows states with democrats fighting to hold on. the red, states with republicans in the same position. we have team fox coverage as massachusetts decides 2010. eric sean shawn with more on the two candidates. first, karl in boston. hello. >> reporter: there haven't been a lot of special elections in massachusetts, particularly one with such short notice. there isn't a great deal of historical perspective but there could be a 40% turnout. there's 4.1 million in the s
to work while helping america gain the lead when it comes to clean energy. clear why such an effort is so important. building a robust clean energy sector is how we will create jobs in the future, jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced. but it's how we will reduce you're dangerous dependence on foreign oil, a dependence that threats our security and leave our children a planet that's safer than the one we inherited. as far as new forms of energy will be one of the defining challenges of the 21st century. the nation that pioneered the use of clean energy is outpaced around the world. it's china that has launched the largest effort in history to make their economy energy efficient. we spearheaded solar technology but have fallen behind germany and japan in producing it. almost all of the batteries we use to power our hybrid vehicles are still manufactured by japanese companies or in asia. so because of one of the steps like the one we're taking today we're beginning to produce more of these batteries here at home. now, i welcome and i'm pleased to see a real competition emerging around
with westerners in haiti. western journalists said there. i stayed there. it's morning -- this morning on america's newsroom bill hemmer spoke with a woman who helped with the rescue. >> there are four americans we've taken out of that void in the hotel montana. obviously working with our colleagues, the french team discovered her and were happy to know what we were working on the other side of the rubble pile was a french speaking person. they laughed and said i'm glad we could get an american what time you got a french speaker. >> rescuers located two more americans at the hotel montana since that interview. one an elderly man pulled out an hour ago. this is a two-year-old boy reunited with his mother and he was pulled from a collapsed home. the massive relief operation continues and we're told u.s. military is in charge at port-au-prince airport at long last. literally tons of food and water supplies arrivingty airport, but getting it into the demands of the people is a different story. jonathan hunt spent the day on the streets and is live on a blistering hot day. update us. >> reporter: shep
't take out their training camp. >> that's an argument a lot of people -- >> welcome to america's nightmare. >> exactly. civilian casualties. have to worry about collateral damage because of the backlash. if you go in, wipe out those training camps, all you do, if you cause a lot of civilian casualties is bring on thousands more recruits. that's the dilemma, the one we face every day. >> thank you. good to see you. we have brand new information on sunday's security breach at newark international airport. a breach which caused hours and hours of delays for passengers, for security to rescreen everybody in there on a freezing night. thousands had to go outdoors and wait for that. we now have video of the still unidentified man who walked into terminal c without going through a metal detector. take a look. there is he in the tan jacket. we're told he walks to the security desk, which a guard has apparentlily abandoned and then he slides under a rope and meets a woman. the woman embraces him for a few minutes and he walks back into the terminal. the fed says they hope this video hel
. this is an enormous test for the renal. it's going to be an enormous test for central america, up irsouth america and all the things i hear when i attend various summits about regional cooperation, pitching in, helping out. well, now is the time, folks. step up. >> shepard: now is the time indeed. major garrett, always great to talk to you. i'm getting a bulletin in from the associated press. the haitian president says i has been informed somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 people are believed dead in the quake. i for one am going to say right now, the numbers are a guessing game. it's not possible to know how many. it is absolutely certain we're facing a humanitarian crisis the western hemisphere has not seen in my lifetime. the disaster in haiti hitting close to home for many haitians in the united states. our next guest was born in haiti and he's trying to get in touch with his mother and father, who are there. we'll speak to him in two minutes. i never as a woman thought i'd get a heart attack. why was i hit with this terbolt? at 43. when i try to eat right and take care of myself. now i'm on
. what effects could this have on america's political heavy weights? we're back in a minute. ugcl) yeacl 's h fba icos y!tyft juneck yno itft'sse sut'cu tyftef (ckicli >> shepard: the senate majority leader harry reid's political hot poe tate owe. a book quoted the senator as saying they be senator obama would win the white house as he looked at the dynamics of the race. he said, he could win it because he was, quote, light-skinned and because he had, quote, no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one. end quote. you can imagine republicans call for the majority leader to resign. democrats are sticking with reid, especially now that the white house says president obama accepts reid's apologies. our next guest says the senator has one more important part to his defense, he was telling the truth. jordan lieberman is a publisher of politics magazine. explain what you mean, please. >> to say it politelily, shepard, everyone has a grandparent who makes offcolor remarks. >> doesn't mean to. >> no, didn't mean for hurtful. in this case, if you are a harvard indicated -- if you went to an
. >> shepard: okay. that helps all of america. so like in the middle of new jersey. what's the military installation there? >> i know there are ones around franklin, around the new brunswick area. >> shepard: frank township? i'm not sure of ones nearby. as we know, as the prosecutor said, the base hasn't been identified. >> shepard: all right. >> we're not sure where it was targeting. >> shepard: i'm surprised people weren't more wigged out. >> not a lot of people seem to know about it. i stood in front of the quick check for an hour and asked people and people seemed to be going on about their business, very few people -- >> shepard: get them informed. we'll look forward to your reporting. thank you for calling in. >> a new twist in a bizarre mystery a police officer charged in the connection with the disappearance of this florida lotto winner. a police officer. so what's the police officer accused of doing? we'll talk sheriff's department leading the investigation next. [ male announcer ] the volkswagon routan is not only unique in its german-tuned suspension, but in its maximum atten
. evening news weeknights 7:00 eastern, 6:00 central on america's home for news. i'm shepard smith. we'll get into breaking news of the day, next. [ female announcer ] the only thing better than seafood is enjoying it together. and right now, a complete seafood dinner for two is just $29.99 at red lobster. you both get a fresh salad and irresistible cheddar bay biscuits... two entrees from a menu of classic favorites and new creations. and your choice of either an appetizer or a dessert to share. your favorite seafood with your favorite person. just $29.99. for a limited time at red lobster. >> shepard: now tearful testimony in the trial of a man who confessed to killing a late term abortion doctor. the trial 37 years after the supreme court decided the case of roe vs. wade which legalized abortions across the u.s.. the suspect scott roeder on the right, charged with the shooting death of georger a accused of gunning downer while the doctor served as an usher in his church last may. roeder said the murder was justified because he saved unborn children. that argument expected somehow to
of america. bureaucratic red tape. >> i have two questions. normally our people in the control room in new york can speak with the photographer on a bridge but because of circumstances that's not possible. though you don't know we can't see them. would you ask your photographers to zoom in on the kids? jonathan, has anyone called the state department? we've got people at the state department right now. >> johnny, mary franklin. >> why can't -- >> we've not been able to get in touch with the state department. >> shepard: we will. >> out of texas. she's in touch -- they would be very grateful if you did, shep. tim harmon is speaking to them. she runs the organization and is talking to them all the time, doing her very best to get the kids out. johnny should be on his way to new york, mary franklin should be on her way to new york. david, over here. zoom in. this is david, he should in ohio right now. there's no reason whatsoever for these children not to be on a plane right now to the united states so the families who have legally adopted them and who you lovingly waiting for them. johnny, m
america. it's a short flight from san juan, they say that the water they need, it's hear. they're just trying to get in and as soon as they have clearance, they'll bring water, food and support to the people in haiti. >> rick leventhal is in new jersey about to go down with the air force. rick, what do you get? >> one of five fully loaded c17s just taxied away from us on the runway at mcguire air force base. it will carry command and control communications equipment down to port-au-prince to the airport to set up basically their own air-traffic control center to direct the humanitarian aid to the airport and to the people of haiti. a second c17 behind me is getting ready to load up and we plan to be on that plane. to be clear, the air force working with the army is supposed to set up it's own air traffic system and direct every humanitarian flight into haiti. they'll distribute the aid to the people of haiti and get the planes up and out. the pilots tell me they have enough fuel to get down, drop off stuff and get back. they don't need fuel on the ground in haiti. it's ironic the gover
in order to keep america safe. i think we need to look at this after we have had a chance to know the facts. to jump to a conclusion that what the republicans have done is wrong. >> shepard: do you go to the sense on this issue, a lot of democrats have said you feel like you're on the right side of the issue but the wrong side of public opinion on this. face it, it's public opinion that gets you elected or not. >> under democratic and republican administrations we try terrorists in our civilian courts successfully. we make sure they're penalized the way they should be. we have the respect of the unusual community in doing that. it's far less complicated to use the article 3 courts. i think -- i don't want to second guess the administration. i think that they acted on sound advice, they believe invest a strong case and they believe they got the information needed. i'm prepared to let things go forward but you're right, sometimes the popular moment tries to trump the best interest of our country. >> shepard: state of the union tonight. what do you think the president's biggest challenge is to
reverberates across america's political landscape. nowhere is this bigger news than the bay state which hasn't elected a republican senator since 1972. yes, he did says the boston herald. cape cod times says brown's blockbuster. in wooster, the telegram and gazette, brown's win a game-changer. how much of a game-changer was the election? the white house says its staying on course on healthcare and items on the president's agenda but the spokesperson said they'll wait until brown is seated before moving forward. with us, fox news's chris wallace. good to see you. >> good to be with you. i'm a friend of the program. >> you are. we're hearing the kinds of conciliatory words a lot of people expected to say we're not going ahead with the legislation until the new senator is seated. what would you anticipate would be the next step here? >> well, you know that was one of the ideas, they were throwing out a variety of ideas as it became likely or possible brown might beat coakley and spread no longer have a filibuster proof majority. one idea was to rush through or delay the formal seating of scott
association of america delivered bad news. total revenue for major carriers down 18% last year. the biggest one year slide on record. it was due in large part to the fact there was a 6% drop in passenger volume. on top of that recession sent the ticket prices down. while fuel prices head up, 2010 looks brighter. >> dogs, sure they're your best friend. they sometimes track mud in the house and get fur on your clothes but you love them. what if your dog were tested. how would he rate? like the s.a.t.'s for k-9s. some breeds are smarter than others and we'll lay them out for you in 2 1/2 minutes. and unusual find in the basement of the a home in milwaukee. a pair of gators rescued from a empty house. the tenant abandoned them when they moved out. animal control reports they are mistreated. there was no food and no heat. but they're save now and could be headed to gator sanctuary. >> dogs are as smart at two-year-old children. that from a psychologist and k9 researchers. he says dogs understand at least 150 word, can count up to four or five. [ laughter ] what did you just say? dogs can count?
humanity from slavery and dependence on america a clear attempt to change the tack and go off on the american economy. >> shepard: are we hearing from the intelligence community? >> i spoke to a very good sourced to today. we look at them and pass every word but they're not doing this. this source says they look at them as an explanation of osama thinking about past events. they do not look at them in any way as a predictive event and it doesn't press any major action. >> jonathan hunt, thank you very much. tell us what you think about this and other stories of the day. jonathan will conduct a live chat at this video should open in your browser and that is some of -- i was just interviewing jonathan yesterday about his experiences in haiti and what it was like. it's a five-minute video. i thought he was fascinating. check it out. over here is where jonathan's chat is going on. click it and chat with jonathan about the stories much the day. we're hear to answer your questions. >> breaking news in the case of the missing $31 million lottery winner from florida.
. the crime show "america's most wanted" tipping off hotel owners that one of their guests was a quadruple murder suspects accused of gunning down his entire family or much of it on thanksgiving day. police now holding 35-year-old paul merighe without bail after they busted into his hotel room over the weekend. burst i should say. cops say merighe opened fire at a family gathering and killed his twin sisters his own aunt and his little cousin who was but six years old. police found merighe hiding in long key or long boat key. long key, i guess it is, about three and a half hours south of jupiter where the massacre actually took place. he checked in under an assumed name, paid in cash and didn't want made service. totally stockpiled can food and peanut butter. police found a noose and three tanks of helium hooked to a plastic bag. jim is with us now. he is the father of the six-year-old victim. good of you to join us. thank you. >> shepard: thank you, sheppard. >> shepard: for weeks after this you were standing guard over your own home as they searched for this man. >> we were afraid that h
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